Hope you all had a great Christmas eve yesterday! On Christmas eve I like to wear something a bit fancier but still relaxed. Festive outfit that I feel comfortable in when sitting on the Christmas table and eating way too much. :D This year I decided to wear green instead of red. I love that green shirt with bling bling (also seen here) and those woollen black trousers, which look sharp but are super comfortable. Instead of wearing a red Christmas hat, I wore those golden reindeer horns you can see in the last two pictures. And not forgetting bling bling socks. More is more, right? I always like to play with different textures in my outfits and I think that in this Christmas eve outfit there is a nice contrast between shiny and matt. Perfect! 

I want to wish you all very relaxing Christmas time! At least I will spend today in super relaxed outfit, sweatpants and sweater, watching Christmas movies and eating more Christmas food and chocolate before gathering with my friends to celebrate Christmas together in the evening.

xo, Viivi



I'm in love with this super cute small streets in Gamla stan, the old city of Stockholm. There is a special atmosphere when walking around there, especially now at Christmas time.

On Saturday, while wondering around those small streets, I also visited 'Stortorgets Julmarknad' Christmas market (or while trying to find the Christmas market, I first walked around Gamla stan a while). I was maybe a bit disappointed because the market was so small, but on the other hand it was so cute and atmospheric.

xo, Viivi



Photos are taken during my visit in Helsinki in October. Right now I'm at the airport waiting for my flight to Finland and after a couple of hours I will be on these scenes again. I'm so happy to see all my friends and family soon!

Happy holidays everyone!

xo, Viivi



I so like my way to our other campus. Walking through this field, especially when it's sunny and like yesterday, a perfect winter weather.

Yesterday we had our last class of the year. 1/4 of my Master's degree is done excluding two essays, from which the other one is luckily almost ready. I think I will write the other one after New Year's and now just relax and enjoy Christmas. After the class we went to eat burgers with girls to celebrate the end of the first semester. Best burger I have maybe ever eaten, ahh it was so good. Haha. 

It feels crazy how fast time has went, it's not so long time ago when I moved to Sweden and in the end of this week I will be already in Finland spending a Christmas brake with my friends and family. Soon! <3

xo, Viivi



I have noticed that when I'm doing sports I feel better. I have more energy and I'm happier. In Sweden I decided to go to gym for the first time. Before I have done aesthetic group gymnastics many many years and danced. I have used to have practices in a certain time of the week and with other people, with my gymnastics team or dance class. I have also wanted a goal for my training. In gymnastics it was competitions and shows in dance. I love performing! But also during the summer I'm running to nail 15 km in the running event in my home town in the end of July.

Now I want to try something new. Now I don't have a team who supports and cheers. Now I don't have a coach. Now I don't have practices every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning, if I don't want so. But to get some kind of routine, I decided to choose a couple of group training lessons to go regularly every week. Besides them I can then go to gym to do my own work out. My goal is to get my back better, get energy and enjoy training.

For me it was hard to get a gym membership here. First I needed to get Swedish id-number (personnummer) that I waited for 6 weeks, then I needed to get Swedish bank account which I couldn't get without Swedish id-card that I waited for another 2 weeks after my id-number arrived. Of course there is differences between gyms and banks but that's what I needed to do to get the membership that I wanted.

But after all this, I was even happier to finally get started with my new sport about a month ago!! I have noticed how big positive effect it has to my mood and energy. I really like going to gym and I have already found my favourite group trainings, but sometimes I still miss my team <3

xo, Viivi



It turned to December today and I think it's now the time to start listening Christmas carols and getting myself into the Christmas mood. This year I have hands full with school work before Christmas but I will still try to make some time to visit Christmas markets and enjoy the Christmas spirit already before the actual Christmas eve. There is at least one little x-mas party coming as well.

But now I will start my Christmas season by listening one of my favourite Christmas carols:

How do you get ready for Christmas? Which are your favourite Christmas carols? I would love to hear so don't hesitate to leave a comment :)

xo, Viivi