Yesterday I made this yammyyy apple oatmeal dessert and now I would love to share the recipe with you. First I want to say that don't worry, this one is super easy. No need for previous experience and you can do this even if you have "all thumbs", everyone can do this!


Apples (I had 7 small)
3 dl Oatmeals
1/2 dl (Brown) Sugar
100g Butter
Vanilla sauce

1. Pare the apples (not necessary, I used apples from garden so I skipped this one), cut them up and put in a casserole. Sprinkle cinnamon on top if you want/have (I didn't have so I needed to survive without)

2. Melt the butter and add sugar

3. Add flaked oats and mix

4. Add butter-sugar-oat-mix on top of the apples and mix a little

Bake in a 200-degree oven for approx. 20 minutes so the apples are soft

Serve with vanilla sauce


This is one of my favourite desserts during the autumn. Perfect way to use extra apples from a garden or perfect reason to buy them from a grocery store. I'm a bit chagrined that I didn't have cinnamon and I needed to leave that out of my apple oatmeal dessert but next time then!

AND!! Yesterday, when I went to bed, I got a magnificent idea! How about chocolate chips in this dessert? I definitely need to try that next! If you want to try, just add chocolate chips before baking and let me know how it was ;)

xo, Viivi



I love and prefer clothes that are easy to combine with different kinds of pieces of clothing and accessories to get different outfits and looks. I never want to buy or make a piece of clothing just so that I would use it once. Here are two different outfits / looks with the same dress. I didn't have camera with me in either of events so photos taken with phone this time :)

I made this dress for my friends' wedding in August. I wanted to make a beautiful, simple and timeless dress that I could use later on as well. For the wedding I accessorized the dress with green Minna Parikka shoes and green clutch bag. Or actually I had the shoes first and then I chose the fabric for dress to go nicely with them. My friend made a braid to my hair and I kept the make up pretty simple. The wedding look was outright quite sweet, summery and some how fairy look-a-like, I think.

Last Saturday I got a new chance to use this dress. I had a student dinner "sittning" (suom. sitsit) where the dress code was "jacket", that meant suit jacket for men and dresses for women. I wanted to create something totally different out of the dress that I had on the wedding and to make the look more autumn. I chose really dark burgundy for earrings, lipstick, and nails and otherwise black accessories. Hair I just fixed back and kept my make up simple excluding lipstick. This look was edgier and more rough comparing to the wedding look.

I really could not wait to combine the dress next with heavy cardigan and ankle boots. But now I would love to hear which one you like the best? The wedding look or the sittning look? Feel free to leave a comment (in english/finnish/swedish) :)

xo, Viivi



It was already one month ago when I packed my stuff, said see ya and flied to Sweden to start a new chapter in my life. This month has gone super fast but it has been really really nice one. I have got many new friends, tried to get used to studying again (still working on this one), got to know and enjoyed my such a beautiful new hometown. Stockholm has felt like home since I landed here. I truly enjoy my life here right now with fashion studies, friends and sunny Stockholm (today was cloudy though).

These pictures are from the first week, from the first Friday when we did a walk with girls in Gamla Stan and in Södermalm.

xo, Viivi



Today we decided to go to "fika" after school with our class and get to know each other a little bit more. But since the place we went also had really good looking pizzas, many of us changed plans and had a lunch instead, me as well. Sitting outside, enjoying sun and good pizza and chatting, perfect after work school.

And what comes to those sunny and warm days I told you earlier (here).. well during the weekend and the beginning of this week I thought they are totally gone, especially the summer warmth, but at least today in the middle of the day when sitting in the sun, it felt so warm again.

xo, Viivi



During the weekend I had a visitor here and we were walking quite lot around the city especially in Gamla Stan (old town) and in Kungsholmen, and taking pictures. On Sunday, I was trying to learn how to use manual settings of my new camera and I think I got it at least in some level. Anyway I will keep practicing. Here are my favourite shots!

And like you may guess from the pictures, I just love sea, I'm always loved and always will. Maybe one of the reasons why I enjoy my time here so much, is that here is water everywhere. It just gives me a really cozy and safe feeling.

xo, Viivi



Last Saturday it felt like summer again! And it has been so warm and sunny since then. I really kinda like this Swedish autumn even though evenings are quite chilly already. It's nice to be able to wear dresses and skirts in September just with bare legs. And on Saturday, I almost felt a bit hot at one point in that long dress.

We were on our way to fika (here) with my friend when I saw this nice red ochre painted building. I somehow fell in love with that place and wanted to get some pictures there. And in the end I think it was worth it to stop cause I really really like the final result!

xoxo, Viivi



 photo P9100357_zpsojngv1me.jpg

No, I wasn't running. Yet. Yesterday when I tried to find a café to "fika" with my friend we got next to Stockholm Half Marathon. And it looked so fun! I have taken part to a running event in my hometown four times now but never ran a half marathon even though there has been a possibility to do that. I have always run the original run which is 15 km. Last year I tried to practice for half marathon but then just two weeks before the run my knee started to hurt and I had to stay on cheering team.

Anyway I got an idea yesterday that maybe next year I could also be running along Stockholm's streets in early September with thousands of other runners. That would be a nice goal. First run that 15 km in my hometown in the end of July and then keep practicing till Stockholm Half Marathon in early September. But let's see how my running goes next summer.

 photo P9100359_zpsufvjffiu.jpg

xoxo, Viivi

ps. I have had and I still have some problems with photos, they are losing their quality between my computer and blog. I will try to find out what I can do for that but if you have any tips please let me know, thanks.



 photo P9050174_zpsqvvcwaep.jpg

Like I already mentioned here, I had my birthday on Monday. A perfect one I have to say. Quite a normal day with a little twist. Didn't want to have any super special plans or big parties, just to take it easy and enjoy. But well since it was my birthday I wanted to have something little special in to that day, and that's what I got!

Breakfast in bed (made by myself)
A bit studying to stay on my study schedule
Cake overdose
(why I always have to take a chocolate cake even though I know how I'm gonna feel afterwards)
Pizza, wine and friends<3

 photo P9050181_zpsa0omernc.jpg
 photo P9050189_zpsypssec5s.jpg
 photo P9050196_zpsth0qemxw.jpg
 photo P9050199_zpszph2mfzo.jpg
 photo P9050200_zpsnj1rmwul.jpg
 photo PhototasticCollage-2016-09-09-16-04-48_zps2ih1sxwf.jpg

Have a nice weekend!

xoxo, Happy 25 years old



 photo P9020150_zpsr9nazhgc.jpg
 photo P9020153_zpss6od15aj.jpg
 photo P9020151_zpsupncfhbr.jpg

A couple of my classmates asked me to join to Yayoi Kusama's exhibition In Infinity last Friday. I have to admit that I hadn't heard about this artist before but I really became a fan of hers. I'm not that big fan of the museums but I really like good exhibitions and this was one of them.

I don't have pictures from the exhibition except one you can see on my instagram (@viivilaak). But if you like dots or if you wanna see and experience something cool, I highly recommend you to go and see that exhibition yourself. You can read more of Yayoi Kusama's In Infinity here and here. The exhibition will be in Stockholm's Moderna Museet till in the end of this week (11.9.2016) and it's coming to Helsinki in October.

 photo P9020154_zpslx5fq1nl.jpg

xo, Viivi



 photo P9050161_zps0gnqnovy.jpg

Starting my 25th birthday with breakfast in bed, reading Swedish Elle and listening good music. This is going to be a good day.

xoxo, Viivi

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 photo 6e20a31ff333699cd372d58863c2667e_zps9rhjpy8c.jpg
Photo here

I saw that photo in some blog and started dreaming of shorter hair. And since my hair is now reaching that "it's just hanging" length, or cause I just got the idea of shorter hair, I really would like to have a change now and well NOW.

When I get some idea for example like in this case about my hair it can't wait. But cause I don't know any good and not too expensive hairdressers in Stockholm and cause I have my favourite one in Finland, I may need to wait till October when I'm going to visit Finland. Or maybe I can't.

This morning I have been searching inspiration pictures from Pinterest, here is a couple of my favourites

 photo a394314fa5030611383bd3c86728027e_zpscvdqndmy.jpg
Photo here

 photo e5c1beef6659ca6079ab1726ca880513_zpsa6lwiutm.jpg
Photo here

 photo 40e1047fe45579ff387eb9f5fa2ed121_zps1navwg1x.jpg
Photo here

 photo cdca960e0b1be6c852f5ac40fad15eb9_zpsbjis3x3j.jpg
Photo here

 photo c28b520926e89d4ed2a9c9a16a65f181_zpseuamqlyx.jpg
Photo here

I have had this kind of short bob hair before as well. When I started to think I realized that it was 5 years ago. 5 YEARS! Five years ago when I started my studies in Lahti University of Applied Sciences. Just can't understand that it's already five years ago when I started my Bachelor's degree. Time has flied. 5 years, 1/5 of my life. Ok well, let's move on. There is a lot of things that has happened during those years.

And finally one more picture from autumn 2011, me with a bob

 photo 54cd2033-c07d-4864-9eff-1613b22cff94_zpsdrinri1u.jpg

xoxo, Viivi