Tell me about the weather this morning. Only -2 C degrees, which feels really really warm after two weeks -20 C. But why it need to snow horizontally, big wet snow flakes when I'm walking to the metro to get to work. So nice feeling, make up on the cheeks etc. OK, I stop complaining cause it was really nice weather when walked back home later.

 photo 05f222cd-dcee-4166-82d1-68d477f2d68c_zpsoqsoutsk.jpg

I just really hope it would not get any warmer before the real Spring. I don't like when there is snow on the ground and + degrees cause then everything is so wet. Best would be snow and -5 - -10 C degrees.

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I love snow during the dark winter time, it brings light and happiness. Like these tulips in the pictures. And what's in common between these two? You can put them in the same vase. I googled what kind of water tulips like to keep them alive as long as possible. So I read from one forum (Kaksplus) that tulips like really cold water. It's good to put even ice cubes in the water or just use snow. 

 photo 9feb3e84-1677-4896-bdca-eeb4ae80c1ec_zpsmwemg2t0.jpg


1. Buy some nice bucket of tulips with your favorite color.
2. Take a nice vase, big enough
3. Take fresh snow from back yard or from balcony like I did and put it in the vase. There should be 2-3 cm of water in the vase when snow has melted
4. Cut little pieces from stems of tulips
5. Put tulips in the vase
7. Repeat 3.-6. every other day to keep tulips fresh

 photo 01ebb7bc-4863-40cf-877a-a3a6e91f1b8a_zpsvnewlpcr.jpg

I just looove tulips! And have to say that after one day my tulips look so good! They are like heading to the stars. They look really sharp, not lazy at all. I will give the new snow tomorrow. And thanks today's snow storm, I know where I can find it.

xo Viivi



If I had to say one thing from last year that I'm gonna remember forever and which really made me feel something I have never felt before and which made me super happy and excited, I would have to say my first modeling geek ever. Walking on the catwalk on Pure Waste's Waste Side Story Fashion Show was something unforgettable and something I really wanna do again. I just can't describe the feeling on the catwalk and right after that, it was so amazing! And just to know, last year I also graduated from University of Applied Sciences with Bachelor of Engineering, got a job etc. But no, those comes definitely after my catwalk experience when I'm listing the greatest things from 2015.

For this year I didn't make any New Year's resolutions but I have decided to be happy, do more of what makes me happy, do things I love, do things I have always wanted to do, try new things and don't even think what others may say or think. Like walk on the fashion show or sing.

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So last week I had my first singing class. I have always liked loved singing but never took any lessons. Okay, I sang in choir when I was 7 and once in older student's graduation ceremony in upper secondary school. Otherwise just at home, in car when driving etc. And you can ask my siblings how they like me singing, haha! Hope they will like it some day as much as I do. But yeah, I'm super excited!!

And now I wanted to start this blog. Welcome aboard!

xo Viivi