Yep yep, leather jacket in use in late November. Who would have believed, especially after this mini winter season? Me neither. I was happy to wear one of my favourite jackets last Monday and I don't even need to lie that it was really warm. Okay, I took it safe and wore that super warm over sized knit under, just in case.

Next three weeks are going to be busy. I hope I get everything done before holidays. But I have a quite good feeling right now about everything. Better than maybe a couple weeks ago. I can do this. Just one thing at a time. And if I can't finish everything in next three weeks, then I will just make some time for that during my Christmas break. It's not a big deal. I have one month holiday so I will have time for relaxing as well. Really waiting for that and seeing all my friends and family again. Soon!!

And what comes to that leather jacket.. it was a one day thing.

xo, Viivi



So here is the second set of the pictures from Uppsala a week ago. It was so sunny and beautiful last Saturday with snow and sun in this cute city. The first part you can read from here. Like I told you last time I took over 100 pictures during that day but here are my favorites. Now let the pictures talk and share the feelings from wintry Uppsala!

So here, couldn't really pick just a few pics. It was still so nice and snowy last weekend but now it's again grey, rainy and normal November weather, at least here in Stockholm.

Have a nice end of the weekend!

xo, Viivi



Uppsala 38 mins away from Stockholm by train. Such a beautiful and cute city where I recommend to take a day trip. I went there on Friday to meet my really good friend and came back yesterday. Yesterday I got a tour around Uppsala and I took over 100 pictures. I was lucky with a perfect winter weather. -3C degrees, snow and sun shine, cannot complain. But those sunny pics I'm gonna show in separate post, this time pictures from Friday evening. There was some kind of light event in Uppsala so some buildings were lighted up. Quite beautiful, I think.


For more pictures from Uppsala, stay tuned! Those are coming soon :)

xo, Viivi



Wow, a real winter came like in a day. I don't know if nobody was ready. Check out those leaves on trees, they are yellow and still there. Like I said in previous post (here) that it was already snowing a bit during the weekend but when I woke up yesterday there was like a small snow wall on the other side of my window and it was snowing like crazy. Everything was just white and is still.

I wasn't surprised about snow coming, it comes every year. Okay, maybe not this early and not this much at a time but still. They said at news paper that yesterday was the snowiest day of November in 111 years here in Stockholm. Anyway, the thing I was surprised was Stockholm public transport. Like come on. I used to live in Brussels, Belgium, where I understood that snow can mess up the public transport and close schools but in Sweden. One of my classmates from my Swedish class (where we were just 7 yesterday) told that their seminars were cancelled because of the snow and lack of the public transport. Bus lines have been cancelled and those which are not run late, trains are running really randomly with over one hour gaps and even metros can be late. I also heard that some people were asked to go home from their office yesterday in the middle of the day. I understand, who wants to dig a car out of snow after a work day? I also understand that if it is the snowiest day in November in 111 years things get messed up but I thought those could be fixed by next day.

Today, when it was not snowing anymore, I was waiting for a buss about 15 mins at the bus stop before realizing that there is maybe no bus coming. I walked to the other street and waited there like 10 mins and saw that the bus line I waited at the first stop and one which I could have taken from the second were both totally cancelled with other bus lines. Really didn't want to stay and wait for a bus which was running cause who knows when it would have come. So in the end I took a metro, which I should have taken in the first place, and was 45 mins late from a meeting.

And why I was so surprised? Well I'm from Finland and I haven't seen the same kind of problem there. Of course snow surprises every year, but buses are still running, maybe late but still. Trains maybe cancel one or two shifts but that's it. Everyone are still going to work, still going to school. Digging their cars out of snow.

Hopefully trains are working tomorrow cause I need to travel with one.

Enjoy the winter!

xo, Viivi



Summer dresses are perfect during the autumn and winter time with knitted sweaters and cardigans. This is exactly one of my favourite type of outfits in the autumn: dress + sweater + ankle boots. 

The dress in the pictures is the one I show you here with two different looks. This time I combined my light pink dress with heavy black and white knitted sweater, black tights and ankle boots, plus light down jacket and black scarf when going out. Have to say that, again totally different looking outfit comparing these two. All based on the same dress.

These are the ways how it is possible to have more times to wear the same dress and not forget summer dresses into the darkest corner of wardrobe straight after August. At least I don't want to use a piece of garment just once or twice.

I also really liked this spot where my friend took these pics (thank you!), in front of that cute little pink house at our campus, almost two weeks ago. Works nicely even though the shade of the house is not the same than in dress. 

Last night and today it has been snowing so ground is not that green anymore. I try my best to hope that that snow could stay and it would be like -3 C degrees, but I'm sure that's not going to happen and I need to wade in slush next few weeks. I really really hate that. But anyway, it's not too cold yet to wear dresses and skirts! Just put thicker tights under if you feel chilly. 

xo, Viivi



Like I mentioned here, I spent my last Sunday, or part of that, at höstmarknad (autumn market) by designmarknadSTHLM at Färgfabriken in Stockholm. That was so nice! I like that kind of markets where new, small brands are selling their designs. I always get so inspired and it's also nice to get to know new brands as well which I don't know before. I also spotted some Finnish brands from the market and ones that are based on Stockholm but have Finnish background. It was nice to talk with presenters and designers. The place was full of crafts and beautiful things.

One of my favourites from the market were definitely these soft and warm beauties. Kutova Kika is Stockholm based knitwear brand which does playful knitwear. All items are 101% hand made, like you can read from one of the pictures. I was exactly quite surprised when I asked the girl standing behind a table that where these are made, and she said that she does these herself, with an old knitting machine. Wow! And each pompom she makes by hand. So she gets my points! I think it's so nice to see people doing what they love and really with love. Gives a totally different value for a product.

If you are interested in design markets in Stockholm, I recommend you to check designmarknadSTHLM website here or follow them on facebook, like I just did!

Waiting for a Christmas market! Have a lovely weekend :)

xo, Viivi