My two favourite pieces of clothing at the moment: wool coat to keep me warm and Adidas sweatpants to make me feel comfortable. The coat is a great find from the sales, I have been looking for one since autumn, and what comes to those pants I got from my little brother who had became too tall to those to fit him, well too bad for him and yeyy me! I have been looking for those a long long time. Thanks bro!

I really like matching these two together. First I did it by accident. I was wearing the pants when I was supposed to go somewhere just quickly, maybe to a grocery store, and I didn't care/had time to think what to wear. When I heard my siblings saying that I can't go out looking like that, in those pants and wearing that coat on top of that, no way. I checked mirror and realized hell yeah I can! And then I asked them to take these pictures :D This happened already before Christmas and I have to say that was not the only day when I have been wearing this combo and I'm sure this will be one of my favourites still a long time. And today I also spotted the same look from Finnish Elle magazine's Instagram here.

So what do you say? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

xo, Viivi