... of school. I just have to say that the beginning of the second Master year wasn't soft or smooth or easy or anything even close. It just hit straight to my face and the speed of studies hasn't got any slower and won't get either. For the first class, the first class, this year we were supposed to read about 100 pages. Is that like an introduction lecture where we get to know how the course is gonna be etc.? Euhh, NO. Introduction was maybe the first 15 minutes and after that... whoah, studies just got me.

I have lectures about twice a week but that doesn't mean that I would have 5 days off. No way, I wish though. It means that I have 5 days time to read the next 100+ pages for the next class (per course ofc) and catch up with those readings that I don't have had time to read. Well until now I haven't had time to catch up with those cause I try to have a life as well, even a small one, and work and sleep and manage to read stuff always for the next class. And to not make it too easy I decided to take one elective course now for the first period (normally you should take it to second one) so I have lectures/seminars of that course twice a week in the evenings + homework.

Okay, it may sound rough and it really is but luckily I like my courses at the moment. I think they are all interesting so it helps me to manage with everything week after week, but on the other hand I have a lot to do because I want to put some to each and one of them.

Furthermore, if it happens some day that I have managed to read everything and I have some extra time I "should" use that to look for a material for my thesis. So studying never ends, until I graduate.

But like I said. I want to have a life as well. And I wish I can find time to write this blog more often like I decided to do today, but the blog is not on the top of my priorities at the moment, instead I wish to spend more time with my friends and sometimes it's just best to do nothing (waiting for that to happen, haha).

Like my grandma once said:

Studying is important, 
but not the most important thing in life.

Remembering those wise words I wish you an amazing week!!

xo, Viivi

ps. pictures are from the first day of school in the end of August when it was still warm to walk around in shorts and without a jacket. For more of my outfits, follow @oneyearoutfitdiary on Instagram ;)



Well, when in Oslo. 

! Spoiler alert !

Because my friend knows how much I like the series, she promised to take me to a SKAM-safari during my visit in Oslo where the series was filmed. As a true Skam (Shame in English) fan I really liked the idea. We visited the school, Noora's apartment, the bridge where Noora and William kissed first time (S2, E5, 28:39) and the park where William tried to explain himself to Noora after Penetrators fight with Yakuza boys (S2, E8, 00:34) and where Noora told Vilde that she likes William (S2, E8, 21:05).

I think it's really fascinating to see the places where tv series or movies are filmed. For example my vision of the school was quite different than the reality. I thought there is just one school building instead of two. It's interesting how the angles of filming and other tricks used during the shooting and cutting cheats the eye of the viewer. After visiting the school I needed to see the scenes filmed there to understand the connection between the scene and the school yard.

The best thing among seeing the scenes was to see different places in Oslo that I maybe wouldn't have seen without the safari. Super nice neighborhoods, buildings and places!

And once more, if you haven't seen the SKAM (Shame) yet, I recommend to start watching it now.

xo, Viivi



I was in Oslo a week ago visiting my friend. I enjoyed my time there and would like to share some tips for that beautiful city in case some of you is planning to visit there as well.

Walking around

Oslo city center is not that big. It's easy to walk from place a to place b. You can easily see the Akershus Fortress, Royal Palace, Aker Brygge and the city center in one day.

Good to remember: everything is closed on Sundays. Only like tourist shops were open. That really surprised me. I'm used to that shops and restaurants are open also on Sundays at least until 4 p.m. at least on the city centers of capital cities. So if you plan to shop, don't plan to do it on Sunday.


A friend from Finland recommended to visit  Holmenkollen and ski jumping towers not forgetting to enjoy the views already from the metro on the way up. I'm really happy I got this recommendation and can warmly recommend everyone visiting Oslo to go and check those views. From there you can also find the Olympic rings and slide down from the ski jump tower by hanging on a wire (I really would have like to do that! Next time).

Oslo from the sea

If the view from Holmenkollen were amazing so are the views from the sea. City of Oslo and the mountains in the same picture with the sea. For this kind of sea lover like I am, the ferry trip to Nesodden were I was staying (20mins ferry trip from Oslo) and the views from there were super. I'm not sure if there is that much to do in Nesoddtangen, to where the ferry goes, but I'm sure there is other options to see the city from the sea as well. I recommend to take some boat trip if you like to have some fresh sea air with great views.

BLÅ - Graffiti walls

Recommendation if you want to get some different background for your pictures or just to see street art. I'm going to write another post of this place later on.


Well, when in Oslo. If you're a fan you know what I'm talking about and if you have no idea then I highly recommend to watch Norwegian teen drama tv series Skam before my post from SKAM safari to where my friend took me. (If you are in Finland you can see it here, and if in Sweden here.) 

Food Trucks!!!

If you are hungry, I recommend you to close your eyes and scroll down a bit.

One of the best things on my trip, definitely. Good choices, good prices and so so good food. Ahh! Buying food from the food trucks and eating next to the sea. Perfection! Especially when the sun was shining during our lunch. I tried three different truck during my trip and have to say that all of them were super good. If I need to name the best one, the gold medal goes to Go
Grilla. That was the best of the best three I tried. Maybe the best burger I have ever eaten and those sweet potato fries.. no need to say more, go and taste it yourself!


Take warm clothes and umbrella (or buy both from the first tourist shop). Do not believe in weather forecasts. I'm happy that there was even a bit sunshine during my trip even though the rain was taking over most of the days. Anyhow I didn't let the rain to ruin my trip, it's just water.

Note to myself / anyone who falls asleep easily in the moving vehicles like I do:

I highly recommend to take a sleeping pillow to the train trip (or any trip), in case you don't want to wake up after a while neck and shoulders screaming. Been there, done that, not funny.

Hope you liked my tips! Don't hesitate to ask more or leave a comment.

xo, Viivi