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Friday morning in the middle of February, it's seven o'clock and I'm sitting in the bus starting my trip to North, or in the middle of Finland. Eight hours in the bus from Helsinki to city of Oulu. Not bad if you ask me, someone could have taken a plane (1 hour) but I like sitting in the bus, just relaxing. Not even kidding, I'm serious. But anyway a little bit after 3 p.m. I arrived to Oulu to have a nice weekend with my friends.

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I didn't have any plans for that weekend. Just needed a little escape from my everyday life in Helsinki without any stress or have to do things. And of course I wanted to spend time with my really good friend I haven't seen in a long time and to see two of my friends from Erasmus I spent in Ljubljana, Slovenia in Spring 2014.

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Weekend was amazing, just perfect. Full of nice things, activities, new friends and relaxing without any pressure or hurry. Holidays should always be like that.

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Friday evening having fun and dancing, Saturday visiting Koitelinkoski, taking fresh air and staring beautiful snowy winter views, relaxing, having a great dinner and tasty cocktails, playing board games and chilling. Sunday having a hotel breakfast in a spa, taking a reindeer ride, watching junior football game, relaxing, cooking and watching a movie. Monday playing tourist in the city center, drinking tea with my Erasmus friends and meeting one of my best friendsat the bus station before leaving home. She had just come back to Oulu and I was leaving so we had like 45 mins time for gossip :D

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The weekend was super and I really like Oulu. Next time I'm gonna go to there on summer to see that city without snow and to hang out with my friends enjoying the midnight sun.

But now I feel like I'm ready for the next escape. Oh well, to tell the truth I don't need to wait that long cause exactly after one week I will be sitting in the airplane heading to totally different views than seen in this post! IT'S ASIA CALLINGG!! So excited!! Over 2 weeks discovering new places and chilling. I'm gonna spend the first part of my summer holiday in Thailand and Vietnam, what I think is not that bad decision cause you can never know about the Finnish summer weather :D

See ya!

xoxo Viivi