A week ago on Saturday I had a feeling that I need to get out from my room. I took my camera with me and went to the bridge between Gamla stan and Södermalm to take some pictures and play with shutter speed. This was my first time taking this kind of pictures and I really like how those came out even though I didn't have any stand, I was just using a railing of the bridge. Still have a lot to learn.

I also like the vibes on the park pictures, some kind of halloweenish :D I can really feel autumn in them. Overall my favourite top three from all the pictures are maybe 1st, 6th and 8th in mixed order.

On that Saturday I had lived in Stockholm 2 months and tomorrow it is already November, crazy.

xo, Viivi



Pictures have nothing to do with this week, they are from the beginning of this month when it was still so green. Green leaves has turned in yellow and orange and mostly fallen down. Leather jacket is not a choice anymore, even though it was 10 degrees on Friday and leather jacket would have been enough during the sunny day, but in the evening it was cold.

Past two weeks have been quite stressful and this week especially. Studies, studies, studies... Stressing a bit too much. But what I learned was that always choose the first topic that comes to your head, don't change it many times and get frustrated, cause in the end the first topic was anyway the best and you will write about that after all. And second thing, when feeling down, go out for a walk (and do your groceries at same), that really helps.

I finished my essay yesterday. Two more to go, but about those I'm not gonna stress at all! Yesterday evening I took "a last minute travel deal" to movies. Decided in the last minute to go to watch Bridget Jones. That was exactly what I needed. I wasn't thinking anything, just laughing spontaneously. And McDreamy, do I need to say more (<3). Sometimes it's great to go to movies alone, I highly recommend if you haven't yet. Today I went to autumn market (Höstmarknad) and about that I'm gonna tell you more soon.

Have a perfect new week!

xo, Viivi



Before and after

I wasn't sure about that when I sat on hairdressers chair, I was thinking to keep my hair long. Even though I was dreaming about shorter hair one and half months ago here. But I'm really happy that my friends encouraged me and really didn't give any other choice :D Of course it takes some time to get used to shorter hair again but anyway, I like my bob, long bob.

And cause I forgot to publish this earlier, I have to say that during these two shorter hair weeks I have loved Bob and hated him as well. I think we have some kind of love-hate-relationship going on, but luckily it's nothing serious. ;)

xo, Viivi



Past two days has been really interesting and inspiring. Global Fashion Conference 2016 was hold here in Stockholm in partnership with Stockholm University and Centre for Fashion Studies, where I study. Me and my classmates got an opportunity to join the conference and hear interesting presentations about Luxury, Fashion and Sustainability from diverse aspects. In addition the presentations of guest speakers there were parallel sessions hold as well with different topics related for example to Fashion Sustainability, Luxury, and Communication and Media. Overall there were speakers from all over the world, that I think was great to get new views of fashion and fashion industry from different countries. It was also nice to get to know more what is happening in this field and learn new things about fashion and luxury business.

Global Fashion Conference is held every other year and now for the 5th time. It is important meeting point for academia and fashion industry, like it is said in the GFC website "GFC – Global Fashion Conference aims to bring together academia and industry, contributing to innovation in the fashion business". For more, check gfc-conference.eu.

Next Global Fashion Conference will be held in Paris in 2018.

Instagram: @gfc2016 #gfc2016 and my updates @stockholmuniversity

Have a great weekend!

xo, Viivi



Delicious Food, Friendly Staff and Nice Atmosphere

Last Thursday, when sitting in a library I started wondering where to go for a lunch and browsing TripAdvisor instead of trying to keep my focus on study materials. Levant stood out with good looking food and nice feedback, so I decided to try that one. I have to say that there was a reason for the great feedback and that this was my first time in Levant but not the last! I warmly recommend you to try this place if you are in Helsinki. Fresh Middle Eastern Street Food with student friendly prices. I fell in love with it! And that tzatziki... mmmm, miss that already.

Bulevardi 15

xo, Viivi



Even though I said last time that next time from Finland, I have to admit that I just returned back to Sweden. My visit in Finland was super. Just that escape from my everyday life I needed. Lots of friends, good food and of course my family. I wanted to give all my time to my friends and family and I really didn't even touch my computer during my visit, except once when I wanted to listen Spotify when I was cooking.  First days I spent in Helsinki and weekend in my hometown, Kotka. I will tell you more about my visit later on.

But like you may notice from these "today's travelling outfit" photos, I cut my hair like I was dreaming over a month ago (here). Or I didn't, but one of my best friends did. I prefer travelling in relaxed clothes, nothing too tight, not even for a short flight. I just don't understand those who wear high heeled sandals and mini skirts for 9 hours flight. Woollen socks and cozy outfit would be my choice.

How you dress for a flight / when travelling?

Now I hope that I will beat this little flu that I feel wants to join me for the next week. My upcoming week will be busy with school work, we have Global Fashion Conference on Thursday and Friday in our University and I'm taking over Stockholm University's Instagram (@stockholmuniversity) during the next week. So I'm quite excited about next seven days! No flu needed.

xo, Viivi



Nice Tuesday evening and greetings from Stockholm-Arlanda. Now I'm sitting next to my gate waiting for my flight to take off. I came here maybe a bit too early so now I have good time to share my today's outfit with you. I'm going to take a little get away from my studies (still have some of them with me) and going to visit my friends and family to Finland. I'm really waiting the rest of the week!

I love my new woollen jacket, which I found from Second Female sample sale last Saturday. It's so warm! I also like my new bag from the same brand, it's something that I have been looking for and perfect add to my Autumn outfits.

Next time from Finland!

xo, Viivi



And here they are, the outfits from late August and September. Better late than never, right? That was then, when there were no jackets needed, sun was shining and ballerinas were enough to keep my toes warm. In the photo set seen above, you may also spot three outfits that has not been seen on blog before. Other outfits you can check from here (1), here (3), here (5), here (6), here (8), here (9) and here (10)

Now I would love to hear your opinion. Do you have the absolute favourite? Or is there some outfit that you think wasn't success. All "candidates" are gathered below one more time. My top three in mixed order is 7, 8 and 10, was not easy to choose. But yeah, I cannot wait to hear your opinions! Don't be afraid to leave a comment.

ps. I would love to know what is on my left (your right), cause I'm looking there almost in the half of the pics. Haha.

xo, Viivi



First I have to say that this week has been crazy. It has went so so fast and all I have been doing is studying. Yesterday, after finishing an assignment, I saw my friends in the evening and today we went to check one sample sale, but otherwise I have just read articles and written the assignment. Next week I'm gonna visit Finland, so I wanted to study this week as much as possible so I don't need to study that much there. I didn't meant to have this long break from blog but girl's gotta do what girls's gotta do. I have so many ideas and things that I can't wait to share with you.

Last Sunday I went to check Hornstulls Market (Hornstulls Marknad) with two of my friends. We were lucky with that sunny and quite warm weather. There were many people selling their old clothes, but also new stuff and interior things, not forgetting to mention the food tracks. Place is also nice next to the water. We didn't buy anything this time but it was nice just to walk there and go fika afterwards. Hornstulls Market is still open every Saturday and Sunday till the end of this month, so if you are interested, go check it out! More info here.

 xo, Viivi