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The first week in Stockholm. Wou, first I have to say that I love this city! I got warm welcome with more than 20 degrees and full sun. And what comes to those colourful houses and water all over, can I just get that emoji with hearts for eyes and put it like x 100000000.

During my first week I have got friends from my class, got a lot of information about our University during the orientation day and got to know a bit of the city as well. But then I also got fever (because of the stress, I was told) which made me to rest and sleep quite a lot. During the weekend I only watched couple episodes of the O.C. and tried to keep my eyes closed and chase sweet dreams. I really hope I'm getting better now!

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Today we had our last introduction and tomorrow this game is really about the start when we have our first lecture. So exciteeeeed. Wish me luck!

xoxo, Viivi



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It's been a while. It's been a summer and I hope you all had a wonderful one. I think that autumn, which is coming quite quickly by the way, is time for something new. Schools are starting, people are starting new hobbies or old hobbies after summer break or at least shopping new autumn/winter clothes. I haven't told you yet but I will also start a new chapter in my life tomorrow and I'm super super excited about that!

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I'm becoming a student again, going to do my Master's in Fashion in Stockholm University. New country, new city, new school, new studies, new friends, new almost everything. It's been 6,5 years since I visited Stockholm last time on student cruise but I'm sure I'm gonna love that city. And my studies with fashion as well.

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Pictures taken on sunny but windy summer day spent in Suomenlinna in the middle of July.

So next time I'm writing from Sweden! Have a nice week everyone!

xoxo Viivi