I'm back! The beginning of the year has not went exactly like I planned. I came back to Stockholm in the middle of January after a relaxing Christmas holiday in Finland. Right after I came back I moved to a new home. Everything was supposed to be fine. Anyway, in the end, it unfortunately was not and I needed to find a new place to stay. And in Stockholm, where to housing situation is what it is, super difficult, I was lucky enough to find a new home quickly. Thanks to my friend and good timing. But yeah, this one is just a temporary solution, before I will get the keys to my hopefully permanent home in March.

Even though I need to move all the time, I'm quite excited about my future home. It's unfurnished so I "need to" furnish and decorate a bit. And I love it. I visited Stockholm Furniture and Light fair this week and picked up some nice ideas.

All photos are taken at Stockholm Furniture and Light fair by me

I really enjoy interior decoration and I was thinking to share some of my inspiration and decoration planning with you. The truth is that the apartment where I'm gonna move in is small and I don't have a lot to decorate but still, I'm excited to make it look like me, to make it my home.

xo, Viivi