Hey people! I'm here, on my holiday from Uni. Have been already two months to be honest. But I have a summer job so not only sunbathing at the beach, haha. Anyway, I'm back. No idea for how long and in which language but I just felt to write something again. Have tried to come and write a couple times before without a result. I have been thinking the questions like why I'm writing and do I wan't to write and to who I'm writing for. But decided to not think too much and just write now cause I feel like it. Simple.

At the moment I'm on my way to Oslo to visit a good friend of mine for a couple of days. I'm really excited! I have been in Finland two times during the summer but that doesn't count the same way than going to experience totally new place, city and country. First time in Norway ahead. Did I already mention how excited I'm?

And thing I have forgot to tell is my outfit project!! Go and follow @oneyearoutfitdiary on Instagram and stay updated about my daily outfits.

These photos are from the beginning of June and the dress is designed and made by me.

Soon in Oslo!!

xo, Viivi

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