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There were girls after girls standing on a line, me as the last one. We were waiting our turn to hair model casting over a month ago. Other girls came from the casting saying it's pointless to wait. Girls who had longer hair than mine said that their hair were too short and girls taller than me said that we should be at least 1,70 meters tall to make it. Me, I'm 1,64 and a girl standing in front of me not even close to 1,60 m. We kept waiting when some of the girls gave up and left.

It was our turn. We were standing next to each others. The girl who had stood in front of me in the line had beautiful long hair and I had the color they were looking for in my hair. We made it to the second round.

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Next day we had a final casting. I asked from work to keep my lunch break and coffee breaks together to get there. It was okay. In the casting hair stylists asked what kind of change we are ready for. I said they can do what ever they want (I knew there are not gonna cut my hair very short). I was asked to go to wait when some of the girls were sent home.

In the end I would have been accepted to the show but unfortunately the timetable of all show preparations went hand in hand with my working hours that I couldn't change in that short notice. So no for me this time but I was grateful for the opportunity.

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Later I saw some pictures from the show and if I saw right, there was that girl who had stood in front of me on the line on first casting day. Girl who would have give up cause others said she will be way too short, but did not. Seeing her made me so happy.

So what did we learn? If you really want something, DON'T GIVE UP even if others say what. And if you don't make it in the first place, you might get the second chance.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

xo Viivi

PS. Photos have nothing to do with the casting, they are from a really nice day when I got a nice makeup and fell in love with that hat ;D

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